About us


Evolution Technologies is an innovative software-solutions company based in the United Arab Emirates. We are intensely proud of our team of highly professional software engineers and developers in the UAE, Pakistan, the US, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, the KSA, Canada, the UK, France, and Tunisia. Our team includes industry leaders in MVP, MCT, and MCM, as well as preeminent project managers and technologists. The superior quality of our service and our expertise has been recognized by companies that include Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, and Google. Committed to maintaining our lead at the cutting-edge of technology, we are proud to be among the few companies that can claim a thorough and comprehensive command of the latest technologies.


Evolution Technologies aims at the highest possible quality, with the belief that our reach should always extend beyond our grasp. Consistent technological innovation and complete client satisfaction have been and will continue to be our primary goals. We will not settle for anything less than excellence.


Our roadmap begins with our mission, which asserts our purpose as a software-solutions company. We aim to accomplish sustainable growth while ensuring the success of every client through market-defining software and web solutions that exemplify the highest quality available today as well as tomorrow. Our mission is to deliver optimum software solutions with cutting-edge technology to enable organizations to meet their goals and fulfil their missions in accordance with their strategic priorities. We strive to achieve a productive and strategic partnership with organizations that will help them operate as smart, efficient, and future-ready enterprises with the capacity to function with agility while being centred on success.