Best in class Alternative Investment Management Solution

Team Up Pro - portfolio investment management software

Team Up Pro is a solution suite of end-to-end software solutions for GPs, direct investment firms and manage full investments lifecycle of their investments from due diligence and fundraising to reporting and dashboarding across all alternative asset classes that improves functionality, accessibility, transparency, auditability and accuracy.

Key Features :

Automate Deal Flow Processes

  • Front office and middle office teams automate the deal screening and due diligence and approval process, from business plan submission to the acceptance or rejection of a deal , with customizable workflows aligned to the processes, tracking with full logs and audit trail.

Enhance Portfolio monitoring

  • Analyze investment information and performance data at the investee level, asset class level and at the consolidated level.
  • Simulator for forecasting IRR and Multiple.
  • Variance analysis such as actual vs budget or actual vs prior year…
  • Record management: keep track of all key information changes related investments
  • Key Financials management (Interred with MS Excel)
  • General information, Shareholding operations, securities, valuation

Best in class Business Intelligence

  • Dashboards graph and chart that gives 360 view of Deals pipeline & Portfolio for better analysis.
  • Dashboards for monitoring KPI & KRI of subsidiaries and associate companies.
  • Dashboard for monitoring financials at holding company level.

Improve Holding or Fund level Analysis

  • Dashboards graph and chart that gives 360 view of performance at holding level.
  • Commitments and flow chart at holding level
  • Total Committed by LPs at fund level
  • Total Drawdown till date at fund level
  • Total Remaining till date at fund level
  • IRR and Cash Multiple at fund level
  • Common KPIs and consolidated dashboard

Limited Partners

  • Fund raising
  • Custom fund raising dashboard
  • Keep track the history of communications with prospects such as e-mails, meetings, submitted queries from the investors
  • Custom check list of all tasks to be done and documents to be sent to every prospect.
  • Commitments, Capital Calls and Distributions
  • Manage all commitments from LPs, including secondary transactions
  • Create a capital call, indicating the breakdown of amount allocated to the new investment, management fees and other fees, which will automatically:
  • Generate drawdowns’ operations for every LP, based on their respective remaining drawdown amount
  • Send capital call letters to every LP
  • Create a distribution, indicating the amount breakdown (e.g.: proceeds from divestment, dividends, interest), which will automatically:
  • Automate the amount to be distributed for every LP, following the fund’s defined distribution sequence: reimbursement of drawdowns, hurdle / catch up payment, carried interest
  • Send distribution notices to every LP
  • Capital account statement of every LP, with history of all operations with every LP
  • Custom LP dashboards to display investor commitments, cumulated drawdowns, distributions, and fund Net Asset Value, as of date or at any historical date;
  • Keep track the history of communications with Investor such as e-mails, meetings, submitted queries from the investors.
  • Share data, obtain new reporting templates and deadlines for providing performance and other investment-related information from LPs via LP LOUGE.
  • Access Investor Wall to get queries, complaints, feedback and rating on quality of service and reporting from LPs via LP LOUNGE.

LP Lounge

  • Custom LP Investor Portal with secure web access for better communication between fund managers and LPs.
  • LP’s can access the following
  • Account statement with option to export in any format such as PDF, Excel.
  • Dashboards for visualization all investments with modern charts and graphs
  • View and Download Drawdown notices and distribution letters
  • View and Download fund quarterly reports, updates and news
  • View and Download fund performance analysis, with charts
  • View and Download Gross and Net Investor performance.
  • Investor Wall (post queries, complaints, feedback and rate the quality of service and reporting)
  • Submit all type of requests such as change of contact details
  • Quick Reporting
  • Create your custom reports with our report builder such as Deal List ,Deal list by Sector, Deal list by region , Portfolio profile, Portfolio performance report...

Powerful Search

  • Powerful tool for search under documents, deal flow information, contacts, companies, tasks and linked relationships.
  • Advance filters allows to search for investors by type, sector, region, interest, sharia compliance and many more.

Built in CRM Features

  • Advanced Documents Management, Contacts Management, Relationship management, Meetings & Task management… (Integrated with MS Outlook)

100 % Customizable

  • Open software architecture with seamless Integration with all major third party software systems.
  • Compliance features such as : Audit trail, logs for all changes, High level security, data encryption.

Installation option: Cloud or On-Premise


  • Financial markets and alernative investment companies are experiencing high need of transparency for investors and regulators as well. Who are demanding greater access to timely information. Team Up Pro turns the data into knowledgeable information with great accessibility and transparency.
  • Data and Record management

  • Data collection is a key concern for investment companies. Our software connectors automatically synchronize and update data from different sources such as Excel, Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ , Salesforce, SunGard, efornt, Dynamics, SAP ,Oracle, or any other web service.
  • User can Track and manage all transactions of investments and portfolios, stocks, mutual funds , options ,bonds ,cash ,purchases, redemptions, transfers, splits, mergers and re-combinations.
  • Best in class business intelligence

  • Reporting & BI tools allow to create Super-fast dashboards and reports with graph and chart that gives 360 view of portfolio for better analysis.
  • Our Advance BI with state of the art visualization with modern charts and graphs.
  • Advance Analytics helps investment managers and CFOs for predictions, cash flows, IIR and multiples.
  • Quick Access

  • Team Up Pro provides a very fast and quick approach to the data base.
  • It allows the fund managers and CFOs to use, create and share dashboards and portfolios in depth.
  • You can gather all the information with a single click, instead of searching Excel spreadsheet, PDF files or Outlook .
  • Microsoft Office Synchronization

  • Team Up Pro is completely integrated with Microsoft Office and Office365. User can sync Tasks, Meetings, Calendars, Emails, and Documents from outlook to the software by using our power-tools.
  • No need to import excel files, excel is synchronized and any update on Excel is sent to repository that will help for tracking and auditing reports and valuation models.
  • Team Up Pro allows the use of deal flow and portfolio data directly in excel. User can create excel template and can update data any time.
  • It also allows you to save from excel to software directly specially for key-figures.
  • Powerful Search

  • Team Up Pro provides very powerful tool for search under documents, deal flow information, contacts, companies, tasks and linked relationships.
  • Advance filters allows to search for investors by type, sector, region, interest, sharia compliance and many more.
  • Alerts and updates

  • Our unique Alert- feature always keep you updated. User can set alerts on deal flows, portfolios, contacts, documents, companies and tasks.
  • When anything changes in the system it will send an alert, automatically.
  • Compatibility

    Team Up Pro is compatible with:
  • All Mobile phones (iPhone, Android, blackberry, windows phone)
  • Pc, Laptop
  • Tablets like IPAD, Surface Pro
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