BI solution is a tool to analyze and easily visualize your data insights and monitor your important data from across your organization and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device. Use excel spreadsheets or on premise data sources such as database of your existing ERP and CRM with the help of our solution integration we brings together all your data so you can start analyzing it in seconds.

Financial Performance

Get the full picture across different data sources in seconds.

  • See all of your data in a single view, from summary statements to account-level details
  • Click to drill down into specific regions or segments
  • Make decisions faster with real-time updates

Revenue & Profitability

Deliver answers fast with executive-level financial dashboards.

  • React quickly to the latest revenue data with on-demand reports
  • Mash up data to identify variances
  • Forecast with enough time to course correct when necessary

Capex Management

Free up time for strategic analysis no more hunting for data.

  • Detect unexpected cost increases earlier with real-time updates
  • React quickly to changes and enable corrective action
  • Share reports out to the right teams in just a few clicks

Expense Management

Get a single-pane view of your financials with all of your data sources in a single model.

  • Detect expense outliers and anomalies early with intuitive visualizations
  • Analyze trends and patterns to proactively search for indications of fraud and abuse
  • Ensure that your data is always fresh with automatic updates


  • Third party data Integration
  • CRM data Integration
  • ERP data Integration
  • SQL data Integration